How to reduce the costs of Commercial Litigation

How to reduce the costs of Commercial Litigation

The Uniform Civil Procedure Rules (UCPR) mandates solicitor directors facilitate the just, quick and cheap resolution of proceedings.

Pambris Law has specifically formed an operational business model with regard to the UCPR ideally positioned to offer efficient and effective legal services to resolve your litigated matter.

Commercial Litigation often involves seemingly immovable party vs. party positions that naturally increase your focus on litigation costs.

Pambris Law suggests when you adopt a number of techniques in the way you move forward with commercial disputes you can often reduce litigation costs.

Those techniques include:

  • Analyse your business to isolate and understand types of disputes that may well arise in your day-to-day operations.
  • In the case of frequently arising business disputes seek to find non-litigious methods of protecting your rights and resolving disputes including where appropriate instructing Pambris Law to put forward a strictly defined written position before litigation commences.
  • Seek assurances from the solicitor director of Pambris Law your matter is one of a few Commercially Litigated matters the law firm handles not one of hundreds.
  • Be clear about the true scope and quantum of your claimable loss and damage. Use Senior Counsel and experienced Barristers to give accurate advice on the scope of your damages and quantum.
  • Limit discovery to those matters relevant to the real issues in dispute, as agreed between the parties and/or ordered by the Court.
  • Mediate and Conciliate at a time when a consensus result may plausibly be reached and not a moment before or after.

At the end of the day reducing litigation costs is not viewed by Pambris Law as a driver of your litigation, clarity in knowing and enforcing your businesses substantive rights and obligations are paramount.

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