Corporate and Property Acquisitions

Business acquisitions, due diligence and sale transactions


Pambris law and its director have acted and assisted in numerous business acquisitions and dispositions for small/medium size companies.


Our role clarifies in plain English the acquisition and disposition process of selling or buying your elected business, so you clearly understand the costs and obligations of any disposition or acquisition as you purchase or sell a business.


Due diligence is a delicate and discretionary process where risks are identified and revenue and expenses sourced and verified.


Pambris Law has the capacity and experience to assist you in business due diligence and acts in purchasing or selling most types of business including:

  • Pub, Club or other form of licensed premises
  • Restaurant
  • Technology and Media companies
  • Software Development companies
  • Transportation companies
  • Mining companies
  • Aviation and Military components part and maintenance service companies
  • Property development and construction companies
  • Infrastructure and Energy companies
  • Professional services firms


Pambris Law is able to conduct the purchase/sale transaction in a cost effective manner liaising with incoming/outgoing lenders and financers to ensure fair values are assigned to you for your efforts.


For sale transactions Pambris Law aims to assist property and infrastructure companies and/or individuals in master planning by ensuring property developers, construction engineers, town planners, surveyors and others involved in the property industry are not hindered by a perceived inflexibility in property development and infrastructure planning rules, regulations and laws in NSW.


Pambris Law can offer specialised property development and venture transaction advice often arising in the form of an initial assessment at the master planning stages to a linear and focused facilitation of those property sale and acquisition transactions that mean the most for your business.


For those companies and individuals that require quality conveyancing of sale contracts representing months if not years of planning and construction work by their employees, construction staff, sub-contractors and independent contractors Pambris Law does offer a specialised conveyancing service ensuring large volumes of sales contracts are lawfully, promptly and efficiently exchanged and settled.



Commercial Property and Leasing


Commercial Property acquisitions and dispositions involve ascertaining if the property is ideal for your business needs or that of the new owner to whom you are selling.


To often there is not enough communication between real estate agents vendors, purchasers and solicitors in the suitability of the property covering all the possible intended commercial usages.


Pambris Law has a solution to this problem a personalised service with a guarantee any commercial property bought or sold is done so for a fair market price.


To achieve this goal Pambris Law clarifies all permissible usages in the contractual selling documents and if you instruct can seek further DA approvals with local council and state authorities to improve usage rights.


Our Commercial Property service at Pambris Law is cost effective, quick and concise.


Pambris Law acts for any landlord or retail and commercial tenant who seek to Lease a property.


Rent, usage and square meters are seen to be the trinity of any transaction between a landlord and the retail or commercial tenant.


Those aspects are often the most important but true value to the landlord and tenant requires your solicitors to review all contractual components of the lease to ensure lease terms, conditions and representations are workable as a whole.


This involves a consideration of many aspects including:

  • Area to be leased
  • Condition of the premises
  • Fitout
  • Outgoings
  • Make good obligations as against reasonable wear and tear
  • Incentives: rent free periods
  • Method of rental review: CPI or fixed increases
  • Market rent concerns on option renewal
  • Mortgagees consent and production fees
  • Legal Fees and Stamp Duties
  • Registration Fees


Leasing is also a particular area where various legislation may be applicable including:

  • Retail Leases Act 1994 (NSW)
  • Conveyancing Act 1919 (NSW)
  • Real Property Act 1900 (NSW)


any failure or an omission to comply with specific disclosures or notice requirements can render parts of a commercial or retail lease inoperative or leading to termination and/or rescission.


Pambris Law remains up to date with those legislative requirements to ensure that you as landlord or tenant are clear on all rights and obligations that relate to your retail or commercial lease both statutory and under the common law of NSW.


All those aspects will be neatly reflected in the lease documents to complete the transaction.


A workable solution. The correct one.


International trade and business venture negotiation


Commercial ventures sought to be conducted over cross boarders represent unique challenges and opportunities for commercial enterprises in many countries and for the lawyers who are instructed to seek conclusion and formalisation of those arrangements.


Pambris Law is able to ensure complete consideration is given to the essential commercial aspects of any international trade and business venture negotiation and transaction including performance, payment and enforcement.


International trade and business venture negotiations do require consideration of force majeure, hardship, long term performance obligations and the inability to periodically perform or supply to an exact standard or specification for a variety of causative reasons not always in the control of the contracting parties.


Pambris Law has had measured high value exposure negotiating and dealing with international supply contracts for Australian based manufacturers and distributors.


When instructed early on in the initial stages of the transaction or venture Pambris Law is able to offer a methodical approach to preserving your ultimate EBITA values.


Having experience in being appointed under comprehensive mediation and arbitration provisions by several clients for high value international supply contracts over the years Pambris Law is confidently able to accept instructions to represent one or more parties in mediated and/or arbitrated proceedings in Australia and at any other lawful international country having locus forum and jurisdictional authority.