Corporate and Commercial

Corporate Governance and Directorship Advice


Pambris law provides expert advice and guidance to directors of small to medium size companies.


Pambris Law and its solicitor director has considerable experience accepting instructions from directors, company secretaries and board members at times when governance concerns and company stewardship require external legal advisors.


The Corporation Act 2001 (Cth) with all its recent and ongoing changes has measurably increased the complexity any director has in complying with their personal duties to act in good faith and in the best interests of the company.


Directors are informed at a basic level that a higher level of acuity is required by them in times of economic change and corporate restructuring.


On occasion directors ought to consider all the companies facts and circumstances and are encouraged to systematically seek independent legal advice on those aspects impacting on their directors responsibility and corporate governance role.


Pambris Law can offer a cost effective, impartial and most importantly an independent legal service for directors requiring representation or who may need to seek clarification of legal obligations where company stewardship indicates clarifying legal obligations is a prudent cautionary course of conduct in any particular financial year.



Commercial Ventures and Partnership Transactions


Complex commercial negotiations require you to have confidence your business has access to cost effective commercial legal advice focused on your best interests and in isolating core deliverables required by the parties in a clear and concise manner.


Pambris Law has developed a proven expertise in drafting and concluding formal commercial venture arrangements in several areas of industry including:

  • Infrastructure and Construction
  • International manufacturing and distribution
  • Land acquisition, on sale and development
  • Aviation: Maintenance and resupply


Pambris Law looks forward to being of service as and when you require.