Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution


Pambris Law and its director have over 10 years of experience in complex litigated matters in our Superior Courts: NSW Supreme Court, NSW District Court and the Federal Court of Australia.


This experience ensures effective force is brought to bear in your Commercial Litigated matter.


Uncertainty in the ultimate outcome of Commercial Litigation is taken for granted what is not taken for granted is the impact vigorous protection of your commercial rights and obligations has on improving the sustainability of your enterprise and your desired and achieved outcomes.


Dispute Resolution when appropriate is utilised at the appropriate juncture so as to reduce costs and achieve an agreed lawful commercial outcome.


Pambris Law is therefore pleased to inform you this law firm is permanently moving forward as a cost effective Commercial Litigation service that will place you in the drivers seat in mitigating the impact expensive Commercial Litigation can have against you personally and the assets of the company.



Insurance Litigation and Dispute Resolution


Insurance Litigation is not an uncommon requirement for small to medium size business and individuals who have obtained and paid for policies over the years to protect their business, corporate and personal assets.


Pambris Law can ensure your policies are reviewed and rights under those policies given full force and effect.


Insurance companies often owe duties of good faith and fair dealing with policy holders and at times the relationships between those responsible for brokering, issuing and underwriting the insurance policy and your company or yourself are not entirely certain.


In those circumstances Pambris Law offers certainty by reviewing your insured position and litigating or arranging for dispute resolution in appropriate cases.


Those individuals with Life Insurance or other Health Care policies are also encouraged to contact Pambris Law and instruct for a review of those contractual documents to ensure correct lawful treatment is given to their preserved entitlements not only under the policy but as often expanded upon in their favor under our Australian Statutory and Common law.



Debt Recovery


Debt Recovery is always a race against time and a balancing act between cost of recovery and uncertainty of unsecured debtors.


Pambris Law has over the last 10 years discreetly proven itself in high value debt recovery cases for small to medium size business and individuals.


Clear and concise advice about the commerciality of undertaking Debt Recovery action is always given by Pambris Law and the full range of debt recovery options explored and utilised as you require.


Often Pambris Law will often advocate the use of Statutory Demands and Bankruptcy Notices and proceedings to ensure that your time and money are not wasted and that the debtor is pressed to take and maintain a formal legal position.