Asset Protection and Wealth Accumulation

Property Law


Pambris Law provides legal services covering all forms of real property transactions including:

  • Residential and commercial conveyances
  • Commercial and retail leasing
  • Land and Environment Court NSW applications
  • Property development and construction disputes
  • Easement and access way applications
  • Removal of restrictive covenants
  • Resolving disputes with Local Council over ordinances and rules
  • Complex Property and Infrastructure construction advice and dispute resolution
  • Redemption of performance guarantees for construction work
  • Mortgage and security enforcement work


Property law as part of asset protection and wealth accumulation aims to give your company and yourself a new focused sense of commercial purpose.


When you instruct Pambris Law we aim to instill in you the confidence to actively seek to structure the property transaction with a view to protect long term equity, generate growth and preserve wealth.


To often emphasis is placed by law firms on a neat set of instruction to perform a property transaction.


Pambris Law does in fact differ as it actively encourages involvement by your tax accountant, financial advisor, trustees, delegate and/or nominees.


No transaction will be conducted by Pambris Law not involving some form of structured and personalised discussions with your financial advisers, tax accountant and other planners squarely centered on preserving your ultimate beneficial equity.


As part of that process Pambris Law will turn its corporate mind to ensuring all of your chosen financial service professional advisers are actively involved and approve of the manner and scheme of the primary conditions precedents required to complete a structured property transaction.


Debt Financers understandably make changes in lending requirements as initial proposed transactions take shape and move forward typically requiring improvements in security, collateral and guarantees, this of course requires an astute law firm to protect your position.


Pambris Law assists in that task by seeking to structure transactions to facilitate the granting of development finance, minimise risk to your existing asset base and established security and be comprehensive in manner so as reduce your overall lending costs.



Estate Planning and Trusts


For High Net Worth individuals and family groups asset protection and wealth accumulation involves serious and complex inter-generational concerns and considerations.


Pambris Law is well versed in estate planning and trust law and promotes the use of lawful, tested and proven structures including testamentary trusts and tailored dispositions and transfers during the course of ones lifetime depending on your facts and circumstances.


Quality estate planning does take time and Pambris Law encourages High Net Wealth individuals to enter into initial discussions as soon as they feel comfortable, so as to ensure they obtain the inherent benefits skilled estate planning does bring to the family including:

  • minimising tax
  • providing correctly for loved family members in their unique life circumstances; and
  • ensuring the family assets base and wealth is not reduced or wasted by any inappropriate provisions and allocations.